Clients, not Tenants are Better for Your Property

At MARTIN we don’t have ‘tenants’ we have clients. The real estate industry has treated tenants as second class citizens for too long and at MARTIN we have made a change, no longer will we refer to the people that are such an intergral part of our business as ‘tenants’, but instead we will refer to them as ‘clients’.

This small change will hopefully convery the message to the people that choose to rent through MARTIN that they will be treated in the same manner as we treat all of our clients with respect, understanding and care.

This initiative means there is an overall improvement in the relationship between MARTIN and our clients and this usually translates into longer tenancy, people stay where they’re happy, and the clients also have an increased sense of pride in their home as they understand MARTIN and the landlord actually listen when there is an issue regarding their home.

Jeremy Martin

Managing Director