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0-1-2815276496It’s a sad fact that many people’s homes never look as good as the day they put them on the market. Jeremy Martin, of MARTIN and Monika Tasonyi from Advantage Property Styling share their advice on how to bring some ‘wow’ into your property in the space of an afternoon.

“Regardless of personal style, everyone is attracted by a perception of light, space and air”, says Jeremy Martin, Managing Director of MARTIN real estate.

“In our work we see a lot of homes and the most common mood killers are too much clutter, furniture and personal items that are old and tired, and dirty doors and windows leading out on to balconies.

“Most of our customers who lease or buy property to live in themselves are young, style-conscious professionals who prefer quality brands. They tend to go for a contemporary look with a splash of colour and like playing around with new season’s trends to keep their homes looking up to date.

“When we are working with customers to sell or lease their properties we take great care to present them in a way that appeals to the needs and tastes of this specific market”.

Monika Tasonyi , Property Stylist at Advantage Property Styling stresses that the way you live in your home and the way you sell your property are two different things.

“Styling your home for sale is like preparing for an important job interview. It’s part marketing, part psychology, and part decorating, all aimed at seeing your home through the eyes of prospective buyers and making any changes that persuade them to purchase it. For example, most buyers want to upgrade, so a home that feels fresh and current with decorating trends will be appealing.

“However, it is a terrible shame to only work on your home’s presentation when it’s time to say goodbye. Styling a home to live in is all about you – your personality, the vibe you wish to create and making best use of the space for your lifestyle. Whereas most people update their wardrobe with something every season, too often their home furnishings become neglected and outdated. Introducing a few accent pieces such as lamps, artwork and cushions in a new colour is an inexpensive way to make a big difference to the look and feel of a space”, she said.

0-1-2815302243Martin adds: “Your home is an extension of yourself and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Whether you are looking to live in, rent out or sell your property, an updated look can make a world of difference.”

DECORATING TIP: For immediate results on a tight budget, invest in new lamps, an artwork and complementary cushions.

DECORATING TIP: Large accessories will give a room the perception of space as there is less “visual clutter”. When styling your home to sell, create the perception of space.When styling your home to live in, you might prefer a layout that’s more cosy and conducive to conversation.

DECORATING TIP: De-clutter! When you de-clutter, you show off the spaciousness and you make rooms feel bigger and lighter. When buyers see that there is a lot of room in a home they perceive it as good value.


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