Investor Guide

So you’ve decided to start investing in property, congratulations! We feel property is a great, relatively simple investment. Putting in little effort and understanding can go a long way. These steps are designed as a guide for the seven things you should do before investing.

1. Have a goal
It’s important to know what you’re trying to get out of property investing and what you want to achieve. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t have a target. Be specific with how much money you want to make and when.

2. Assets and expenses
This is as simple as listing your assets that you currently own such as your home, any savings, car, and jewellery etc. Include any financial assets for example shares and other investments. Do the same with your current expenses include rent payments and bills. This will help later on when you’ll need to know how much debt you can take on.

3. Home loan
Speak To MARTIN Finance with your mortgage broker to assist in arranging the home loan and providing accurate advice. We recommend contacting Aaron Upcroft from More Group to organize the loan to best suit you requirements.

4. Tax advantages
Get advice from a property focused accountant to maximise the tax benefits of your investment. The amount you spend on a tax expert should be recovered many times over by the amount of tax they save you.

5. Risk
Self asses how much risk you can take so you can see how far you can extend yourself. Consider if you have any savings stashed away, how long until you’d like to retire and if you have extra reliable income.

6. Understand the numbers
Get comfortable with the numbers and truly understand what they mean. This is important for the long run to ensure you’re confidant to be able to analyse each deal as the market develops and as your personal situation changes.

7. Current market and investment terms
Spend some time understanding the current market you’re about to buy into. Learn as much as possible about the investment jargon and what it means. There are plenty of sources where you can do your research such as online and property investing books and magazines. Taking time to do it the right way will assist in your success as an investor.