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Leasing tips

Clients, not tenants are better for your property

This simple change in language, from tenants to clients, illustrates the respect we show to every person who deals with MARTIN Property. We believe that clients who are treated well, with understanding and care will have an increased sense of pride in their rental home, and will want to stay for longer.

If you are thinking of leasing your property, here are three more tips for you to consider before you take that leap.

Your investment on show

Attend to any minor improvements or repairs, professionally clean carpets, declutter and ensure you have appropriate insurance. We maintain an extremely high standard of cleanliness on all investment properties under our management and can assist landlords with all of these details.

Multi-channel marketing

We recommend using complementary marketing activities for the best results. MARTIN avails of professional photography and copywriting, online advertising, local print campaigns, email marketing, rental booklets, the MARTIN magazine, our huge database and on-street signage to help investors gain the best price and tenants for their property.

Client selection

While we enjoy close to zero vacancy rates, we advocate that it is better to have a property empty, than enter a tenancy agreement with the wrong client. We thoroughly check all professional and personal references and ensure that the client has not previously defaulted on a lease. Only after suitability has been confirmed, will we make a recommendation to an landlord.

We have a different approach to property management at MARTIN. Call us today on 02 9662 3954 to speak with Belinda about how we can help you to manage your investment property.

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