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Meet your Neighbour with Linda Yao

A café owner of 25 years, businesswoman and MARTIN Property client Linda Yao started to invest in property with a goal of taking early retirement with financial freedom. We asked Linda why she decided to invest in property specifically, and why she chose Green Square as the location for her investments.

I’m originally from China, and am attracted to Australia’s political stability and geographical location. For me, property was the perfect choice to invest in.

Luckily my last shop was in Rosebery, so I saw the changes happening in the area with my own eyes. When I heard about the plans for Green Square I realised it was a big opportunity and decided to invest heavily in the area.

Green Square is one of the largest urban renewal projects to be undertaken in Australia. It’s only 4km from the CBD, and by 2030 will have 30,000 homes for 60,000 people, plus lots of retail and commercial spaces. It’s in a convenient location, well connected by train and buses (and soon light rail too) and has all the modern facilities people expect.

When the redevelopment is finished in a decade or so, I can imagine Green Square as a vibrant global village, a favoured suburb for owners and residents alike. I believe the area will attract quality tenants and provide a good return for my investment.

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