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My MARTIN with Belinda Dawson


Born and bred in Wollongong, I moved to Sydney five years ago, when I started working for MARTIN. I’m now a proud Alexandria local.
On the weekend, I love finding a new suburb in Sydney and exploring it with my partner. We are constantly finding little quaint cafes, parks and places to visit.
I started my career as a receptionist and soon realised that property management was my passion. After that, I moved into property management, office management and sales. I’ve been in the real estate industry for 25 years.
I wear many hats, from doing accounts, conflict resolution, HR management, recruitment, interviews, dealing with escalated issues and everything else in between. But my main role at MARTIN is mentoring and guiding the team to make sure they are always compliant with the regulations that govern our business.
The most challenging part of my job is managing relations with both the staff and the customer, but it’s also the most rewarding. At MARTIN, we’re not just property managers – we’re property management specialists – so in my own little way I feel like I’m contributing to bettering the property management industry by setting a higher standard for professionalism.
We’re property management specialists at MARTIN. has just nominated us as the best practice property management office in Sydney. It’s satisfying to be recognised for our professionalism, but our numbers also speak for themselves. We’re the top-ranked agency for leasing and property management in the area.
My tip for prospective tenants is to be organised. The more information you can provide us with initially, the quicker we can turn your application around, get it approved and get you into a home.

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