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My MARTIN with Jamie Moller

Jamie Moller is sales assistant to David Bettini in Team DB, MARTIN’s award-winning sales team. We asked Jamie to share a little bit about herself and what it’s like working at MARTIN.
Some people might think that city living could be quite lonely with everyone doing their own thing, zipping to and from work, but the people in Zetland make this area what it is. The friendly community – and the dogs! – are why Zetland is a great place to live. I’m a self-confessed crazy dog lady and every corner you turn you’re almost guaranteed to be smothered by a furry friend if you want to be!
Graduating from uni with a major in journalism, I loved getting to know people and their stories, but I always had a passion for interior design and all things property. I fell into the real estate industry via my sales background, by serving David every day in East Village. I think it was fate!
Purchasing a property last year, I can truly appreciate the feeling of owning your own home and putting your own flare on a place. Renovating with my partner has been the most amazing experience and we can’t wait to flip some more!
No two days are the same here at MARTIN. Yes, we do work pretty long hours, but I love the feeling of finding people their home and delivering a service that you couldn’t find elsewhere.
If you’re interested in buying or selling, definitely talk to us. And don’t be afraid to be different. Be savvy and pick something unique or make it unique. A renovation can do wonders!

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