Renting Guide

With the largest rental portfolio in the Green Square it’s likely we’ll be able to find the ideal property for you that bests suits your requirements.
We highly value all people that rent through us and support them passionately. As such MARTIN has made a small change, we don’t have ‘tenants’ we have clients. We are pleased to provide this guide to best assist you in your property search and securing your perfect property.

1. Speak with us

Register your interest here or call us on 9662 3954 so we can do the searching for you. We’ll keep you updated with suitable properties when they come onto the market.

2. Location

Location plays an important part of you being happy with your new property when you move. So it’s important to understand a bit about the area before you apply.

3. Searching

The most frequently visited Real Estate search engines are and When you see properties that suit what you’re after speak with the agent to view the property.

4. Applying

Once you view a property that matches you’re requirements you will need to complete an application, provide identification and references. Every Real Estate agency differs with what they require. If you’re leasing through MARTIN you can view what supporting documents are needed and complete your application online here.

5. Go ahead

Once your application has been given the go ahead you will need to pay a deposit to secure the property. The deposit required is normally a week’s rent and is your first weeks rent.

6. Residential bond

The rental bond amount is four weeks rent and is required to be paid before commencement of tenancy. This is lodged in trust with the Department of Fair Trading. When you move out of the property an inspection is carried out to ensure the property is in a similar condition as to when you moved in and the bond amount is refunded to you.

7. Lease agreement

On signing of the lease agreement your property manager will be able to take you through everything you need to know about the property and answer any questions you may have.