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The Biz with Adamo Pavirani from Adamo’s Pasta

I’ve been making pasta ever since I can remember. My parents had their own pasta business, and I have pretty much followed in their footsteps.
When I moved to the area in 2007, it was missing something. I thought that if I created something good people would come, and that was exactly what happened.
I love creating our traditional pastas but I also love being creative with pasta. You need to be innovative and put something new and different on the table – and I think that’s what sets us apart from everyone else.

Everything is made with love – that’s pretty much the special ingredient right there.

I love experimenting with pasta and pushing the boundaries to see what is possible. Making pasta is endless – it’s like a blank canvas to an artist because there’s so much you can do with it. A little bit of imagination goes a long way!
We always strive to use the best ingredients we can find to give our clients something that is as close to homemade as possible. Everything is made with love – that’s pretty much the special ingredient right there.
We focus on making sure what we do is the best we can do, and that’s across the board. Our sauces and pastas have won numerous awards – last year we won best pasta manufacturer in Australia – and that’s a testament to our whole team.
As the business continues to grow, we may need to move the manufacturing elsewhere, but we will always keep Adamo’s Pasta as an outlet here in Rosebery.
Rosebery has so much to offer but what I like best is the friendly community. It’s like a small town – everyone knows each other. I love bumping into the locals, whether it’s in the shop or just out and about.
In my spare time I travel around NSW racing go-karts and doing endurance racing professionally. You need to find a way to separate yourself from the day-to-day grind to keep yourself going.

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