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The Biz with Emanuela De Dona


Emanuela De Dona is the creative force behind Face Furniture Eyewear. Originally from northern Italy, Emanuela’s family have been in the eyewear business since 1971.
Moving to Australia in 2004, Emanuela worked for well-known Australian eyewear designers, and realised there was a gap in the market for unique glasses. A visit to Danks Street in 2013 sealed the deal, when she realised that this was the place that Face Furniture Eyewear had to live.
“I love Waterloo,” said Emanuela. “People come here from all over the country. I love the diversity, the design and the fast-changing atmosphere with always something new coming along.”
“I believe that optical frames and sunglasses should be an expression of your inner character,” Emanuela shared. “I spend time with each of my clients to guide and advise them on how to create an image with their eyewear that’s customised to their face shape, skin colour, hairstyle, lifestyle and needs.”
“Colour is such an important factor in creating a good first impression and can influence your mood and emotions. I’m driven by helping people and making them feel good about themselves. My favourite piece of feedback from a client was that I made them go from being invisible, to being visible in the world. How fantastic is that?”
Martin Cardholders receive a free image consultation from Emanuela and 20% off all products at Face Furniture Eyewear.

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